We believe in options and individuality. We also believe that a river has much more to offer than fish and that it is a resource to be cherished and enjoyed by all. It is with this mindset and our partnership with Asheville Outdoor Center that we have tailored the following options, packages and services:

Fishing Trips


    We offer guided fishing trips on several stretches of the French Broad River, Tuckasegee River and Watauga Tailwater for smallmouth bass and trout.  There are several different float options available depending on driving times and conditions.  On the French Broad anglers can expect to catch several smallmouth bass up to 4 lbs, with fish in the 10 – 12 inch range being average.  Prime time to fish the French Broad is in the warm summer months when the fish are looking up.  A big, splashy topwater fly will draw aggressive strikes from fish that can run up to 4 lbs, although fish in the 1-2 lb range are most common.  If the fish aren’t responding to offerings on top, we swing a streamer or slow crawl a crayfish pattern through fishy looking seams and near rocks. The Tuckasegee and Watauga Tailwaters offer excellent fishing for rianbow, brown and brook trout.
    We provide all the tackle, either fly or spin you will need, and of course you are welcome to bring your own gear.  Our full day trip lasts between 6 and 8 hours on the water with another hour or two of prep and travel, depending on where we decide to fish.  This trip includes lunch for two from our MENU.  All you need to bring is sunscreen, polarized sunglasses, some river shoes, and or waders and a North Carolina fishing license. 
    Our half day fishing trips cover about 4 miles of river and last about 4-5 hours on the water.  Travel time from Asheville varies between 20 min – 45 min depending on conditions and where we decide to fish.
The Honeymooner
   We have outfitted our raft to solve a problem that many couples which include a fisherman face; what if only one of you wants to fish?  Any of our fishing trips include the option of rigging the raft with our custom made sun pad / lounge seat so one person can relax like Cleopatra on the back of the raft while the angler fishes from the front fishing station.  Our sun pad can recline fully creating a 3’ x 5’ floating slice of luxury or fold to provide back support in the shape of a bench.  We always have a large umbrella for sun protection and a cooler full of ice cold refreshments.      
1/2 Day Fishing    $199 + Tax
Full Day Fishing   $249 + Tax
Watauga River Full Day Fishing   $299 + Tax       Book it!

Guided Float


    Our Guided Float is through The Biltmore section of the French Broad River.  This 7 mile stretch flows through Biltmore Estate just minutes from downtown Asheville, NC.  The trip begins anytime before 10 am at the Asheville Outdoor Center and lasts about 4-5 hours, only minutes of which will be spent driving to the boat launch. 
    The river here meanders and gently rolls over large rocky shoals and big River Birches hang low over the water creating habitat for many species of birds and wildlife.  The water ranges in depth from just a few inches to close to 10’ in a few deep areas.  There is no whitewater or rapids and the boat stays extremely stable providing a relaxing platform on which to while away the day.  Many of the buildings on the Biltmore Estate can be seen through and over the trees, including the house itself.  This trip aboard our 16’ fully outfitted cata-raft includes lunch for two from our MENU and we can outfit the raft with two swivel seats or with one swivel seat and our custom made sun pad, which also converts to lounge seat.  In the Summer we also bring tubes along in case you would like to float in the water for part of the trip. 

$159 + Tax       Book it!

Full Day Eco-Tour


Our full day Eco-Tour isn’t much different from our guided float except that there is a more leisurely pace allowing you to take pictures, sit and anchor, go for a swim, closely watch the birds and have more say in where the river takes you.  As with the guided float, the price of this trip includes lunch for two from our MENU.  This trip starts any time before 10 am and can take anywhere from 5 - 7 hours.  We can outfit the raft with two swivel seats or with one swivel seat and our custom made sun pad, which also converts to lounge seat.  We also bring tubes along in the summer in case you would like to float in the water for part of the trip.

$199 + Tax      Book it!

Custom Trips


It doesn’t stop there...Our unique partnership with Asheville Outdoor Center allows us the ability to custom tailor guided fishing and river trips for groups, private events, wedding parties, couples, etc, etc...If the trips listed above aren’t what your looking for, drop us an email with some suggestions, we’ll do everything we can to accomadate your special and unique needs at a reasonable and fair price.

What to Bring


Polarized Sunglasses - If you are an experienced fisherman this goes without saying. If you are a beginner or novice, polarized glasses bend light and remove most of the glare from the water surface letting you see more fish and enhancing your overall experience on the water. A good pair will run from $50 - $200 but you can pick up a “cheap” pair for as little as $12 at places like Walmart. Just make sure they are POLARIZED.

Rain Gear - Mountain weather can change quickly despite anything the forecaster might say and a slight sunburn in the morning can make an evening breeze downright cold. Bring a rain jacket and ensure your comfort through changing conditions.

Sunscreen - SPF 30 or higher is recommended. Putting it on in the morning, before you leave the house/hotel/camp will give you way more protection than not. It’s also a god idea to wash your hands thoroughly prior to handling your flies and lures after application.

Hat - Even if you’re not a hat person, a good cover will not only keep the sun of your head but will shade your eyes preventing fatigue and allowing you to see more of the underwater world.

Camera - We’ve all got one these days and although we never leave home without at least two cameras we encourage you to bring your own. It’s times like these that they are made for.

Fishing Gear - We provide everything you’ll need to enjoy your day on the river but you are of course welcome to bring your own gear. However, there are some restrictions in regard to space, and feasibility and we reserve the right to disallow any gear we deem inappropriate.

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